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Accessing Mental Health Resources Has Never Been Easier

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ConnexOntario an invaluable resource for newly graduated healthcare professionals and social workers trying to help clients access mental health supports

As a newly graduated healthcare professional or social worker, how do you help your clients navigate the complex system of mental health and addiction supports?

That’s a challenge that ConnexOntario (Connex) is designed to solve. Funded by the Ontario Government, Connex is a resource for students, healthcare workers, and all Ontarians. It aims to bridge the gap between the services that are available and the people who need them.

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ConnexOntario is a free and confidential service that provides information about support and services for people seeking help for mental health, substance use and gambling. Its systems navigation specialists are highly trained in using the Connex database to connect people to the appropriate resources and are accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

For newly graduated healthcare professionals and social workers just starting their careers, Connex can be an invaluable resource. Regardless of your area of practice, you’re apt to encounter clients who require mental health, substance use and problem gambling support. Being aware of Connex and its capabilities can help you know how and where to direct these individuals and ensure they get the supports and services they need quickly and easily.

Here are some Connex resources and services that are particularly helpful for social workers and healthcare providers to be familiar with.

Supports for youth and young adults

mindyourmind, a program of ConnexOntario, is an online mental health resource geared towards youth and young adults aged 15-29. mindyourmind was created with like-minded service providers and young people, and brings together mental health, wellness, engagement, and technology to offer the interactive tools and resources most needed by this age group. mindyourmind’s BE SAFE app is a crisis planning tool that helps young people navigate and select the most appropriate community resources to support them during a time of crisis. Recently upgraded and improved, the BE SAFE app has had over 40,000 downloads.  Visit for more information on this app and other mental health resources for youth. 

System navigation and information

Navigating the health system can be overwhelming at the best of times. If you or your client requires help navigating the system, you can call 1.866.531.2600 or chat with a Connex System Navigation and Information Specialist to receive information on services available and how your client can access them.

TEXT 247247

247247 is a recently launched texting service. By simply texting 247247, all Ontarians can get immediate support without having to search for a phone number or email address

Data services

Connex holds the province’s largest and most comprehensive database of mental health and addictions services. Up-to-date information is gathered daily on beds, support groups, crisis lines, and other related health services. Connex also plays a significant role in contributing statistical data for the development of public policy and strategic planning on mental health and addictions resources that can be helpful to healthcare professionals. Additionally, Connex’s reporting service can respond to a full range of standard and custom requests by healthcare professionals for data and information in multiple formats.

Collaboration opportunities

Connex works in the spirit of collaboration. Engaging with youth, community partners, and service providers enable the organization to provide real-time availability of mental health and addiction services as well as tools and resources that support students in a meaningful way. As a healthcare provider, you can take advantage of these collaboration opportunities to help advance your research, share information, and exchange knowledge.

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