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University Planning

Applying for university can be daunting, but don’t worry — we’ve got you. Whether you’re a prospective student, inquisitive parent, or guidance counsellor, University Planning is your guide to everything from the application process to campus life.

Spend a Semester Studying Abroad!

A gap year spent travelling after high school can be tremendously beneficial to a student’s growth — and it’s a chance to explore, all before university!

Loud Luxury: From University DJ Club to World Stage

Joe Depace and Andrew Fedyk, the Canadian duo behind Loud Luxury, talk about their university experience and how it kickstarted their music career.

It’s Not Like When We Applied for University

David Hanna, Director of University Counselling at The York School, provides some insight for parents on how to navigate the university application process.

Who Do You Want to Be — And How Will You Make It Happen?

Applying to university is a stressful time for all students — and Ontario’s School Counsellors are here to help at every step of the way.

How Gap Years Can Increase Success and Happiness

Not feeling ready for university? Whether you want to save up, get clearer on your future, or need to recharge your battery, a gap year can be the answer.

International Experience Essential for Tomorrow’s Business Leaders

Brock University’s Goodman School of Business double undergraduate degree in Business Administration is increasing in popularity, relevance, and importance.

Algoma University and Brampton Continue Powerhouse Partnership

The City of Brampton is positioning itself to become a leader in education and business through relationships with institutions like Algoma University.

The Small Campus with Big Educational Advantages

Algoma University’s Brampton campus is expanding to offer students access to high-quality education in a small, close-knit campus community.

Algoma University Brampton logo

Distinct Undergraduate Programs and Unique Learning Experiences

Carleton University opens the door for global learning, access to exclusive networks, and a unique perspective you won’t find anywhere else.

New Program Equips Workers for Positions in the Cannabis Industry

In the wake of cannabis legalization, a progressive new diploma program from PTC is bridging the skills gap and getting workers job-ready.

Careers Are Changing: How Do We Prepare Canada’s Youth?

Let’s Talk Science allows students to explore real career profiles from STEM role models, helping them envision a future career in STEM.

Unlimited Opportunities for Laurentian’s STEM Graduates

Laurentian University’s Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture offers innovative STEM programs tied into a northeastern Ontario experience.

Greyhound Gets Ontario Students There with Money to Spare

Considering the availability of transportation options can help ease the post-secondary transition, providing peace of mind at a stressful time.

The Perfect Formula to an Engaging Education

The University of New Brunswick is doing things differently — read about the experiential learning, smaller class sizes, and scholarships making it happen.

DECA: Building Professionals in All Fields

Transferable skills are the key to preparing students, and DECA delivers just that through their intense and rewarding business competitions.

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