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Women in Trades

Women in Trades

black woman in trades
black woman in trades

The Women in Trades campaign will serve to create a conversation on the importance of promoting women in this industry.

Q&A with Jamie Mcmillan

I believe, by educating the young minds of today about the importance of inclusive work cultures, we can have an extraordinary impact on the future of the industry for everyone.

What Does a Skilled Tradesperson Look Like? Skills Ontario Answers

Skills Ontario has grown to become a well-known charity that reaches millions of Ontarians annually.

How Women Can Spark Change in the Welding Industry

CWB Welding Foundation discusses how diversity in the welding industry ensures a brighter future.

Careers in Trades and Technology? Consider Inclusive Top Institute

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) is a polytechnic institute that offers top-of-the-line tech-based training in trades.

Breaking Down Barriers to Help Women Thrive in Skilled Trades

Kelly Hoey, Executive Director of the, discusses how the non-profit is helping to address the barriers to apprenticeship for people across Ontario.

Advancing Women Is Good for Everyone: New HVAC-R Organization

Due to a slew of socioeconomic factors, jobs in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC-R) are not traditionally regarded as roles for women.

Female and Job Searching? Achieve a Prosperous Skilled Trades Career

To secure a bright future, the skilled trades sector needs to revamp their accessibility and open more doors for women.

Women Are Leading the Way in the Skilled Construction Trades

The Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA) encourages women to make construction their first career choice.

Skilled Trades Employer? It’s Time to Make Inclusivity a Priority

To prosper long term and fill looming employment gaps, recruitment in skilled trades sectors must diversify and adapt to societal change.

Women in Renewable Energy: A Conversation with Industry Leaders

Women in Renewable Energy discuss the importance of innovation, diversity, and providing resources to advance the renewable energy sector.

Q&A with Industry Icon Tracy Primeau on Mentorship and Opportunities in Nuclear

Mediaplanet spoke with Tracy Primeau about the opportunities in Canada’s nuclear industry, working with Indigenous communities, and more.

Talent Fits Here: How a New Initiative Is Helping Break Barriers in Construction

The construction sector has evolved to include a huge range of career paths accessible to a diverse pool of individuals. Here’s how the CCA is driving home that message.

A Skilled and Inclusive Workforce Building Stronger Communities

LiUNA eliminates barriers for women in the trades, and builds a diverse and inclusive workforce whilst highlighting the opportunities in the skilled trades.

EmPOWERING Women in the Trades

Manpower’s emPOWER – Women in Trades is a training program designed in partnership with SAIT to provide skills training to unemployed women in Alberta.

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