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Women in STEM

Women in STEM

Michele Romanow
Michele Romanow

If you’re a woman interested in STEM, know that there’s never been a better time to get involved. With some research, you’re sure to find an option that makes sense for you; there’s a specialty for virtually every interest. Pick a path and pursue it with conviction, because the future of women in STEM is just beginning.

Women in STEM unites industry leaders with inspiring stories of passion, persistence, and success, to provide you with information about the ever-growing possibilities STEM fields hold for girls and women across Canada.

Michele Romanow: STEM, Women, and the Beauty of a Problem Solved

Michele Romanow explains why female representation in STEM is essential, but there are still challenges — and unfortunate stereotypes — to overcome.

Rising Stars: Women in the Bioeconomy [PANEL]

The demand for ‘green’ products has never been higher. Luckily, some incredibly smart, driven women are lending Mother Nature a hand.

Moving the STEM Workplace Forward One Easy Lesson at a Time

Learn how DiversifySTEM, a new microlending app aimed at STEM managers and employers, helps companies attract and retain talented female employees.

Helping Students Achieve Success in the Biotech Industry

Diversity and inclusion are key to growing the workforce needed to meet the challenges of Canada’s growing biotech industry.

Successful Women in STEM Are Setting a Powerful Precedent

Learn how members of University of Regina’s Faculty of Science like Dr. Sandra Zilles and Sylvia Okonofua are shining examples of successful women in STEM.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Heart of New STEM Programs

Branksome Hall has been a leader in girls’ education since 1903, and continuously evolves to meet each new generation of students’ needs — like STEM education.

Alberta’s Advancements in the Bioeconomy

Alberta Innovates’ Dr. Christine Murray is leading cutting-edge research that’s turning biomass into value-add products and energy.

A Letter from a Zoo Veterinarian

When exploring careers in STEM, Dr. Pauline Delnatte chose to purse a niche and unique field: conservation science and veterinary medicine.

Inspiring Young Women in STEM

Actua CEO Jennifer Flanagan on how the barrier to girls and women pursuing higher education and careers in STEM isn’t skill or interest — it’s culture.

For Women in STEM, Upskilling Has Never Been More Important

STEM courses help women looking to upskill or change careers to stay competitive. Learn how one school is empowering women to pursue exciting new careers.

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