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Careers in a Digital Economy

ictc businessman tablet
ictc businessman tablet

The Careers in a Digital Economy campaign aims to unite leading voices on the digital transformation of our workforce and economy in a comprehensive guide for Canadian readers.

Representation and Role Models Are Key to Promoting Diversity in Stem

Since 1981, the Society for Canadian Women in Science & Technology (SCWIST) has been promoting diversity and equal access for women and girls in STEM.

Creating Opportunities for Youth to Join the Digital Economy

NPower Canada is helping younger generations build successful careers in the technology industry during these unprecedented times.

From Classroom to Cyber Career in Just Three Months

A new Canadian program designed to quickly give non-tech people entry-level skills to crack into the booming cybersecurity industry.

Bridging the Digital Divide and Responding to New Employment Challenges

Toronto Community Employment Services can help you succeed and find your place in the growing digital economy.

Tech Skills Key for Career Advancement in a Post-Pandemic World

The workforce has undergone a digital transformation. Here’s how upskilling and reskilling with Lighthouse Labs helps professionals stay on top of their game in a post-pandemic economy.

Data Analytics Emerges as Key Skill Set for Workers in a Post-Covid World

Proficiency in data analytics is no longer just for techies. Here’s how Lighthouse Labs is training a new generation of workers to use and analyze data.

Careers at the Edge of Tomorrow

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is an independent national centre of expertise for the digital economy with the aim of advancing Canada’s digital advantage in a global economy.

The Future of Work with Sabrina Geremia

Sabrina Geremia shares her thoughts on the technology industry and how to master success in our growing digital world.

Diving Into the World of Digital with Ryan Holmes

Ryan Holmes, founder and CEO of Hootsuite, shares insights into his history in the technology industry and offers advice for entrepreneurs.

Helping Canadian Entrepreneurs Strategize for a Growing Digital World

While ample cash flow helps reduce the effects of the pandemic, startups have one key advantage over large corporations in the online world.

Slowing the Canadian Brain Drain: The War for IT Talent

While ample cash flow helps reduce the effects of the pandemic, startups have one key advantage over large corporations in the online world.

Be Future-Ready by Joining Your Professional Association

Looking to be a part of the digital economy? Add to your employability by joining your professional association.

Grow Young Tech Talent in the Digital Economy

Toronto is the second tech superpower of North America and science, technology jobs make up 34 percent of the current workforce.

The Thriving Tech Industry and Its Talent Gap

Digital industries around the world have been rapidly growing, and the tech sector in Nova Scotia is speeding alongside it.

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