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Career Growth & Continuing Education

Adjust to the 21st Century Market with Tony Robbins

Named a top business intellectual by Accenture and a business guru by Harvard Business Publishing, Tony Robbins has lots of advice to share with young professionals.

Future-Proof Your Career with Human Skills

As advances in technology proliferate and certain job functions are replaced by automation, you may think that learning new technical skills is the only way to effectively prepare for the changing professional landscape. But technical skills alone won’t be enough to compete in the future.

Why Continuing Education Programs Matter for the Workforce

Continuing education divisions at universities are key contributors to strategic workforce development across the country.

Lifelong Learning

What we learn, how we learn, and how it’s recognized are key to the future.

Financial Support To Help Newcomers Achieve Career Success

Immigrating to a new country is a huge undertaking. Without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges newcomers to Canada face is establishing themselves professionally, especially if they’ve already had a successful career in their home country.

Enhance Your Career with Part-Time Studies

Whether you’re looking to earn a credential, are seeking professional skills development, or just want to explore a new passion or interest, Fanshawe College offers flexible part-time programs and courses to suit your lifestyle and academic goals.

A Good Credit Score Will Serve You for Life

A good credit score is important at every age and life stage—young student, adult learner, entrepreneur or established professional.

Find Your Career Path in Canada’s Growing Public Sector

Learn about possible careers and opportunities in the expanding Canadian public sector and how you can find flexible opportunities for your continuing education in the industry.

Accelerating Work Performance with Skills in Data Science and AI

Learn about how you can land a career in one of Canada’s fastest-growing tech industries.

Innovative New Cannabis Cultivation Program Responds to Demand

Part-time certificate program in the heart of Toronto will teach aspiring urban agriculturists to process cannabis from seed to sale.

How to Identify a Company That Truly Cares About Employee Growth

When a company truly cares about employee growth, you know you’ve hit the career jackpot. While it seems like common sense to invest in your employees by offering them opportunities to grow as a professional, a lot of places just don’t.

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