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With the number of cyberattacks and security breaches on the rise, cybersecurity specialists are the need of the digital era. Here is how you can get started on your journey to becoming one.

A career in cybersecurity is great for people who love computers and have a passion for problem-solving. Cybersecurity specialist programs teach you to protect digital information. You get the option to specialize in designing firewalls, tracking, and eliminating software bugs as you progress in your program.

After graduating from a cybersecurity program, you can choose to work under job titles like security consultant, security architect, security engineer, security expert, ethical hacker, security analyst, among others

The foundation of your role as a cybersecurity specialist will revolve around protecting a company’s online presence and data by predicting probable attacks and securing online databases accordingly. 

What makes cybersecurity a good career path?

Unlike many other jobs that are at risk of becoming irrelevant due to the rise in automation, cybersecurity jobs are on the rise as we progress further into the digital era. Organizations of all sizes are steadily seeking the expertise of cybersecurity professionals and IT analysts to safeguard their data from online attacks. All major industries across the world, from healthcare to finance, government to manufacturing, and even transportation, require protection against data theft.

The most in-demand skills for a cybersecurity professional include proficient communication, a knack for problem-solving, and strong attention to detail. Additionally, job seekers who are good at analyzing situations and troubleshooting problems are highly sought after by companies.

Can you study cybersecurity courses online?

CDI College online offers a 100 percent online learning option for the Cybersecurity Specialist program that you can complete in just 74 weeks. The flexibility of studying online allows people to study from anywhere in the country. Online studies also allow you to maintain your work-life balance and tune in to courses at your convenience. 

Completing the cybersecurity program online makes you eligible to work with small firms with a single local area network and global corporations with large wide area networks.

Canada’s occupational survey has indicated the demand for over 79,000 professionals in the IT and cybersecurity space over the next five years. The job opportunities in cybersecurity for new graduate students in Canada are endless. Education in this field will prepare you for a rewarding career in a fast-paced and ever-growing industry.

Whether you are new to the cybersecurity space and just exploring your career options, or a seasoned professional looking to level up in your field, cybersecurity specialist programs can be a great way to stay relevant in this digital era.

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