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How Data Analytics Education Is Making Analytics Accessible to All

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computer programmers data analysts
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Libby Duane Adams

Libby Duane Adams

Chief Advocacy Officer at Alteryx

California-based tech company Alteryx is empowering individuals to develop the data analytics skills they need to question, understand, and solve with data.

Data analytics has quickly become an essential business keyword and core competency. More and more companies are collecting and analyzing data to optimize their performance and make smarter business decisions, with confidence.

Analyzing data to answer business questions such as, ‘is this the right quantity of product to order? or where are the raw materials from vendor A to start our production line? have typically involved highly technical, manual, tedious tasks performed by skilled data analysts that take days or weeks to answer. Fortunately, things are changing thanks to innovative companies like Alteryx, a data analytics technology company that provides analytics software, teaching tools, and learning resources to educators and learners through its SparkED program. Alteryx has made analytics and automation accessible through a unique self-service environment that enables anyone to derive insights from their data quickly and easily. So whether you’re a data analyst looking to upskill, a data newbie looking to improve your data literacy, or an educator or faculty member, Alteryx’s software and educational tools can help.


Making analytics more accessible

The core concept driving Alteryx’s work is the idea of democratizing analytics — making analytics available for everyone, everywhere. After all, it’s not just big global companies who are dealing with data, and data analysis is no longer reserved for finance teams or IT organizations.

“Analytics are happening in every industry and every size company within those industries,” says Libby Duane Adams, Chief Advocacy Officer at Alteryx and one of its three co-founders. “From the top global companies to small startups, everyone is using data to understand more about their business to support decision making.”

As companies increasingly view data as an asset, they want more people to be able to work with it. Investing in tools for their data science teams is one option, but Duane explains that upskilling their knowledge workers is a better option, as it prevents an analytics divide and encourages excellence in analytics amongst all of its employees rather than just a specialized few.

This is where Alteryx’s industry-leading analytics software comes into play.

Getting data insights faster

Alteryx Designer is the leading solution for data prep, blending, and analytics, with drag-and-drop capabilities that speed up every step of the analytic process. Data sets nowadays are too large to be managed in spreadsheets, and automated analytics empower everyone — not just traditional data analysts — to look at the world with an eye for what the data is telling us.

“We empower knowledge workers to be able to focus on the work that matters,” says Duane. “We automate the mundane so that they can focus on solving higher-value problems.”

Cultivating a culture of analytics through the right technology and education empowers employees to question everything and to understand and solve with data. Alteryx’s online learning community magnifies the empowerment by providing an accessible environment for support and collaboration.

“Alteryx enables me to do far more than I ever thought I could a lot faster than I ever thought I could,” says Marc Ponick, Operations Analyst at Cisco Canada. “Alteryx is a powerful data and analytics tool that allows users to analyze data and uncover solutions for business problems that were previously unsolvable,” adds Allison Lucas, IT Senior Lead at Herman Miller.


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