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Q&A with Icess

Mediaplanet spoke with influencer and recent graduate, Icess, to get her insight on juggling post-secondary life.

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How did you decide what you wanted to study in university?

When I was in high school, choosing a university program felt like one of the biggest life decisions I had to make thus far. It is also one of those things that feel like there is only one right answer. But what is the right answer? 

My whole life I wanted to head into either the field of health or pursue a career in entertainment (i.e. music, acting, modeling, content creating, etc.). But both those fields were so drastically different, I had no clue which one I should prioritize in university. At the time, I thought the smart decision would be to pursue health and continue my love of all things entertainment as a hobby. And maybe one day my dreams of pursuing entertainment would be a reality somewhere in the future. And that it did! I am a firm believer in achieving your dreams while also being in school. Now that I am older, I’ve realized that it never has to be one dream or the other. I finished school and have a job in content creating and I encourage others to chase their dreams while receiving an education as well.

I would like to mention that I did not choose my university program alone. Feeling stuck about your future is a common feeling and one of the best ways to overcome this is through a strong support system. My mom has always been the biggest piece to my support system and with her help, she made my high school to university transition so smooth. Not only did she help me in choosing my program, she helped me understand how and why it was a good program for me. Sometimes moms do know best!

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How do you balance university life with your career in social media?

School in itself is very demanding and that coupled with social media is a recipe for a very busy lifestyle. The only way to succeed in being a good student and a good content creator would be through balance. And the only way to achieve good balance in life is through listening to yourself and understanding your body’s emotions. For example, if I feel burnt out, I take a step back. If it’s midterm season, then maybe I post a bit less. If it’s reading week, then maybe I’ll post a bit more. I do what feels right for me at the moment without any hesitation.

Another helpful tip in balancing school and content creation is through filling up my free time with things I enjoy to avoid feeling overwhelmed, burnout, or stressed. Being a full time student and full time content creator can oftentimes lead to stress and an overflowing plate. To ensure I don’t feel that way, I try my best to fill any free time I have with minimal screen time and maximum serotonin boosters. For me, this would look like working out, spending quality time with family/friends, or even spending a night at home watching Netflix. While these may be small or short activities, they allow me to take a break from the responsibilities of being a student and content creator. And they also help to clear my mind for when I am ready to get back to work!

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What’s the most surprising thing about university so far?

During my final year in university, I learned that our journeys in post-secondary school do not need to be so serious and frightening all the time. Looking back at my first year in university, I remember being so afraid of taking a class that would not benefit me, crying over a bad mark, and taking forever to decide where to sit in a lecture hall. Receiving an education in university can easily be fun if you let it be.

There are hundreds of unique classes that may have nothing to do with your program but could still be a wonderful experience. Personally, I wish I had taken a language class in my first year such as Japanese or Korean! During my last year, I decided to take a class in Astrology with zero experience and knowledge in this field. Turns out, I loved it! There are also tons of clubs and volunteer opportunities around campus that are constantly searching for new members. I had joined about three clubs in my last two years of university and I do not regret a single second of it! And don’t join these clubs or volunteer for these charities because it looks good on your resume. Do it because it’s an opportunity for you to grow as a human and make new connections! All in all, there are countless things that you can do to make your experience at school exciting and thrilling. You just have to look!

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Do you have any advice for incoming students?

My biggest word of advice to any incoming students would be to follow their instincts and chase their dreams without thinking about anyone else’s expectations. Going off to university is an exciting and new experience, but do it for yourself and not for the approval of others. If you have a dream or a goal that you want to achieve in University then do it without hesitation. There is no dream that is too big and there is certainly no dream that cannot be done simply because you are in school. I totally understand that school is time consuming and demanding, but don’t ever let this deter you from achieving what you desire. Write down your goals, organize your schedule in a way that prioritizes these goals, and keep going. If you ever find yourself struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Don’t ever let anyone belittle your dreams and always strive to be the best version of yourself. 

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