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Quality Education in the North, with the North, for the North

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Aurora College prepares students for a variety of rewarding careers in nursing, education, and more.

For more than 50 years, Aurora College has delivered quality post-secondary and adult education to students in Canada’s far north through a network of three campuses and 19 Community Learning Centres spread across the Northwest Territories. Our mission is to demonstrate leadership in the delivery of relevant and meaningful education and research rooted in strong connections to northern land, tradition, community, and people.

Wherever possible we integrate land-based learning and Indigenous traditional knowledge into the curriculum and student supports. Many programs feature Elders steering important lessons, while others work with Elders and Knowledge Holders to include Indigenous learning and teaching in lessons and assignments. Land-based learning plays an important role in creating authentic opportunities for students to learn about the north and its peoples. Aurora College is committed to maintaining these opportunities in our courses and programs.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, with a northern focus

Over the next several years, we’re building on our legacy to transform into a modern polytechnic university that will offer high-quality programs with a distinctly northern influence. Aurora College’s most popular program is our four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), which is offered through a partnership with the University of Victoria. The program educates nurses to work with individuals, families, groups, and communities in a variety of settings, with a focus on working with northern and Indigenous communities. Students work as partners with clients and other health care providers in a wide variety of practicum and practice placements, providing exposure to a diverse range of opportunities from which to learn. Small class sizes ensure more individualized attention for students and support from faculty. The BSN program strives to assist students to develop sensitivity to people’s experiences with health, healing, and health promotion, and to be active participants in creating continuously improving health outcomes for all.

Aurora College also supports northern nurses through our online Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Bridge-In Program. LPNs can take the Bridge-In course by distance, and upon successfully completing the course, enter year two of Aurora College’s BSN program in Yellowknife, N.W.T.

Start your university education in the north with a General Studies Diploma

Students can now get a head start on their university journey in the Northwest Territories. They can earn up to two years (60 credits) of university-level courses in a variety of areas of study, with a focus on northern and Indigenous content. The General Studies program will deliver a comprehensive liberal arts and sciences education that will not only prepare students for a rewarding academic journey but also allow for a smooth transition into Aurora College’s new Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Bachelor of Education (BEd) programs. Or, for those students still exploring their academic passions, the program has the flexibility to transfer the credits earned in General Studies to various diploma and degree programs at Aurora College and partner institutions. Whether students want to pursue a career in social work or education, or are eager to start a university journey but haven’t yet decided on a major or field of study, Aurora College’s General Studies program is the ideal place to start.

For a full list of the varied and unique programs Aurora College has to offer and for more information, visit our website at

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