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With more than 20 online programs and more to come, CDI College is helping students become career-ready for the post-COVID economy.

CDI College is renowned for providing hands-on business and vocational training in fields ranging from business administration to accounting, health care to technology, and payroll to digital marketing. With more than 50 diploma and certificate programs available at campuses in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec, CDI College offers plenty of choice and flexibility to study close to home. Many of these programs are offered as accelerated training, making it possible for students to train for a new career in under a year.

Studying close to home, flexible education, and accelerated learning are themes that resonate in today’s pandemic conditions. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the education system and job market, prompting many people to reflect and consider new educational opportunities and career paths. With the rise of online learning in Canada, students now have more educational options than ever before.

The benefits of learning online

CDI College currently offers more than 20 fully online or combined online-on campus programs with more to come. By studying entirely online, people can train for careers such as cybersecurity specialists, legal administrative assistants, network systems engineers, and certified paralegals. Individuals looking to upgrade their skills can enrol in graphic design technology, social media and web marketing, and medical office administration programs.

The online learning environment enables students to have more flexibility in their learning schedule, save time that would be spent on commuting to classes, and study in an environment that suits them. With the challenges of managing time, work obligations, and family responsibilities, flexible education options allow people to advance their careers while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Develop your skillset for the post-COVID economy

With the emergence of the post-COVID economy and remote working, students enrolled in CDI College’s online programs have an additional advantage. Virtual learning enables them to test the waters of working in a remote setting and determine whether it’s a good fit for them. In addition to learning course content online, the skills students develop in having to meet assignment deadlines, collaborate with classmates, and communicate with instructors help them to become career-ready for the remote workplace by the time they graduate.

CDI College has many supports in place to address some of the online learning challenges students might face, such as staying motivated and feeling connected to classmates and instructors. The college’s online programs offer students 24/7 access to course materials, on-demand technical support, and the chance to connect directly with instructors through virtual discussions and one-on-one meetings. A dedicated student services team is also available to answer questions related to coursework, provide tips and advice on using the online learning platform, and help with technical issues.

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