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Ensure Your Time Spent In Training Leads To Results

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Time is a valuable resource – it must be spent wisely in these hectic times. For individuals hoping to explore different career pathways, and organizations looking to ensure employees develop new capabilities, time for education and training may be limited. St. Lawrence College’s SLC+ Continuing Education offers micro-credentials, an innovative way for individuals to upskill or reskill and meet employer needs – quickly.

Micro-credentials are short, flexible learning opportunities

Micro-credentials are short, competency-based courses that focus on in-demand workplace skills and real-world learning experiences and assessments. Many micro-credential courses offered by SLC+ Continuing Education are online, allowing students to learn at their own pace and time, and from where it suits them best. Learning is focused to enhance skills in a short timeframe.

Micro-credentials can stand alone or complement traditional credentials like certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, degrees, and graduate certificates. Courses can be taken on their own or as part of a series to earn digital badges that demonstrate a learner’s competencies. Digital badges can be shared with employers and on social platforms to enhance your profile, resume, and portfolio. Multiple micro-credentials may serve as pathways to other SLC programs.

Gain in-demand skills employers are looking for

Developed in consultation with industry experts to ensure they reflect the skills employers are looking for, micro-credentials allow individuals to curate a set of skills unique to their personal and professional goals. Micro-credentials can also help employers bridge gaps by ensuring skills in an existing workforce are current.

Meet professional certification standards

Micro-credentials that are recognized by professional organizations offer individuals a path to meet certification standards. SLC+ Continuing Education’s Fitness and Health Promotion Certification micro-credentials are recognized by the Ontario Fitness Council. This suite of micro-credential courses is an ideal complement for university students studying in areas such as Kinesiology or college students studying Fitness and Health Promotion who wish to pursue professional certification with the Ontario Fitness Council.

Specialized skills in a variety of areas

SLC+ Continuing Education offers micro-credentials in a wide variety of areas, including cybersecurity, enhanced digital business practices, health care, logistics, quality assurance and compliance, enhanced digital storytelling for creatives, health information management, skilled trades, and more.

Ensure your time spent in training leads to results. Find your path to success at

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