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Considering a Career in Tech? This New Flex Program Fits Everyone’s Life

woman working career in tech
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woman working career in tech
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With its accessible Mega Flex programs, Lighthouse Labs continues to be a leader in digital and tech education.

Lighthouse Labs was created in 2013 when its founders realized there was a lack of convenient, flexible education programs that could help people efficiently launch careers in coding, data, cyber security, and more. 

Lighthouse Labs has changed the tech education landscape by offering immersive online bootcamps for beginner and intermediate-level learners. They’re available in a full- or flexible structure and can be completed over various semester lengths — from 8 weeks to 30 weeks.


The results are impressive. In 2021, 92 per cent of graduates said that what they’d learned positively impacted their careers. Four years post-program completion, they experienced an average income increase of 77 per cent.

The need for programs like these is at an all-time high. As businesses rely more on tech, the request for skilled workers is rising.

Essential, exciting employment

Some of the most in-demand jobs in Canada are within the digital sector. As they’re in a flexible industry, tech careers can offer a better work-life balance, stronger income, and job variety.

Plus, it’s a field that evolves at a fast pace. To keep up with growth and development, there’s a subsequent demand for professionals to continue to upskill or reskill throughout their careers.

Inspired by industry trends and an expanding need, Lighthouse Labs provides the programs necessary for people to start a tech career or upskill efficiently. Its lifelong career services, financial aid options, and strong student support makes learning accessibility a priority.

Lighthouse Labs wants students to know that it’s never too late to follow their passion or make a change. Determined to find the most optimal ways to train the next generation of developers, the school is excited to offer the new Flex option.

Suited to anyone’s schedule

Applying to all of Lighthouse Labs’ bootcamp programs, Flex provides students with the same online curriculum, assignments, and lectures but in a more balanced format, lasting 18 to 30 weeks. 

Students in Flex gain the same amazing outcomes that Lighthouse Labs is known for. They’ll have access to longer-term mentorship for 30 weeks, and have access to student success coordinators, accommodations, and more. It’s the most flexible, versatile education option yet, allowing students to customize a study-life balance that works best for them.

For those interested in a transformative experience that’ll lead to job stability, salary and career growth, remote work, or pursuing a passion in tech, a job in the digital field is the best choice. Offering students support every step of the way, Lighthouse Labs wants its students to be excited to learn and confident that the future in tech is bright. 

An Exciting New Career in Tech Can Yield Impressive Results

Within 180 days of course completion


of Web Bootcamp participants
found employment.


of Data Bootcamp grads
found employment.
In 2021


people graduated from the
Web Development Bootcamp


of them are now working
as developers.

$100,000 / year

Is the amount 52% of grads are earning 4+ years after graduating.


work remotely


work hybrid


work in offices

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