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Your Post-Secondary Decision

4 Tips for Planning Your Path for a Happy Future

Two girls working together in class
Two girls working together in class
Jennifer Boston, Ontario School Counsellors' Association

Jennifer Boston

Vice President of Communications & Past President, Ontario School Counsellors’ Association

From the right program to your ideal class size, finding the right path for your post-secondary education can be complicated. Visit your school’s teacher-counsellor for guidance.

Deciding what to pursue after graduating from high school can be both an anxiety-inducing, and an exciting opportunity. Over the past months, the dramatic adjustments in life due to the COVID-19 pandemic have taken a toll on everyone, including students and educators.

Before you decide on a program or where you’d like to study, here are some factors to consider.

Does the program fit you?

Everyone’s different. Influences like a friend’s or family member’s interests can affect how students choose their path. Choose what’s best for you!

What course did you enjoy most in high school?

To honestly assess your interest, think about your experience in high school. Matching your interests and learning style is an important part of the decision-making process.

Does size matter?

Campus size, in both physical and class sizes, can play a big role in the student experience. Some students love the hustle of a big campus while others may find it intimidating.

What services and supports are available for students?

The COVID-19 pandemic has left some high school students feeling like they haven’t learned all of the curriculum needed to be successful in their program, yet they still wish to go to their preferred post-secondary school. Inquire to see what resources are available from the institution that can prepare you with the skills needed to be successful. Take advantage of the many virtual tours that are available.

Remember, post-secondary planning is all about following your dreams and aspirations.

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