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Chef Roger Mooking on How to Succeed in Hospitality

Chef Roger Mooking
Chef Roger Mooking

Roger Mooking

Celebrity Chef, Recording Artist, @RogerMooking

Entering the hospitality business? Want your venture to be a success? Celebrity chef, Chef Roger Mooking, walks us through what you’ll need to know.

How has education affected your career and learning?

Roger Mooking: I attacked my time as a student with a very specific and dedicated focus. My educational goal was to soak up as much of the knowledge to help me in my future goals which were extensive and various. I’ve used everything learned and more. 

How would you describe the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry is relentless and unforgiving. You have to love it and never forget that it is truly about hospitality. This truth may seem simple but is often forgotten by many.  This industry is forever changing. The learning curve and landscape changes daily. 

How do you stay relevant within this industry?

My goal is not staying relevant. My desire is to innovate and contribute to pushing the conversation forward. Trends follow innovation and I want to be on the innovation side of that equation. 

What career advice would you give to those thinking of pursuing a career in this field?

Before you jump into it, I suggest that anyone dreaming of being in this field volunteer their time for a week at a restaurant that they admire. You will know very quickly if you can handle the demands of this career.  To be a great chef takes an insatiable appetite for learning, an unwavering curiosity, great intuition, and learned knowledge — as well as an ability to lead a team of people with grace. 

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