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How Enactus Is Empowering Students to Become Instruments of Change

enactus students faculty
enactus students faculty

Danielle’s journey as a student leader isn’t a typical one. As a single mom of two and the sole provider for her family, being a student is just one of Danielle’s many roles. But, despite that, she’s known at Okanagan College for her ability to effect positive change and her determination to make life better for many of her peers and local community members.

Danielle began her college career with Enactus Okanagan College when she took over as project leader of the entrepreneurial team’s award-winning CANSave program. She saw an opportunity to improve the program by creating content for students on the autism spectrum — an opportunity inspired by the struggles faced by her own son. As a result, Danielle single-handedly created financial literacy learning opportunities for students experiencing learning barriers that are now in place in schools across Canada. She also designed and drove the launch of the team’s latest project, empowering Indigenous youth facing barriers through entrepreneurial skills development and mentorship.

Owing to her project and team contributions, Danielle became President of her Enactus team.

“My goal as a student leader was to invest in my teammates by showing them how they could tap into the full extent of their capabilities and unique strengths, enabling them to create opportunities,” says Danielle. “It’s about showing students that they have the tools and knowledge to be important instruments of change — whether it’s by helping low-income families, inspiring underestimated youth, championing diversity and inclusion initiatives, and increasing access to education — the key is empowering them so that they can make a difference.” 

Empowering students to make a difference

Enactus Canada is a national charity and the country’s largest experiential learning platform. The organization empowers university and college students across Canada to use business and innovation to drive real-world change.

Danielle is one of the thousands of Enactus students across Canada igniting positive change in her community. In the 2021-2022 academic year, the Enactus student network ran 187 community empowerment projects and business ventures in communities coast-to-coast, directly impacting the lives of more than 32,000 people.

“People often underestimate youth,” says Nicole Almond, President of Enactus Canada. “But I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing first-hand the amazing things students can achieve when they’re given the tools, platform, and forum to drive change. And when you combine that drive with a commitment to social purpose, the results — for both the students and the community — are truly transformative.” 

To learn more about Enactus Canada and how you can effect positive change, visit enactus.ca. If you’re a student interested in starting or joining an Enactus team on your campus, sign up at enactus.ca/get-involved/students.

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