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Sparking Career Interest in Canada’s Electric Industry

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electrical engineers working
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Mark Chapeskie

Vice President of Program Development, EHRC

Electricity Human Resources Canada shares exciting opportunities that provide secure and impactful career paths.

EHRC (Electricity Human Resources Canada) is on a mission to inspire young Canadians to join the electricity industry. EHRC was established in 2005 with a mission to keep the lights on in Canada, by supporting the human resources needs of the country’s electricity and renewable energy sector. Retirement alone will result in the loss of 86 percent of employees over the next few years. Additionally, there is a lack of awareness of the many and varied opportunities that exist in the sector. This critical labour shortage and the demand for skilled professionals continue to grow particularly as we move towards a green economy. These represent jobs that are stable, well-paying and meaningful to the environment.

Impact and compensation in the electric industry 

When young people think of fulfilling and well-compensated career opportunities, the electric industry never comes to mind. EHRC challenges this narrative by highlighting a wide range of options in engineering, trades, IT, and business, each playing a unique role in bringing the electricity industry to net-zero carbon emission. As a result, employees can expect healthy compensation, substantial benefits, and comfortable retirement packages.

Youth empowerment - Electricity Human Resources Canada - career path

The electricity framework is segmented into three main components — the generation, transmission, and distribution of power. Power Line Technicians, Wind Turbine Technicians, Information Systems Analysts and Cyber Security Specialists are just a few examples of opportunities available.

Chase Starling, Power Line Technician 

If you’re seeking adventure and camaraderie in your day job, apply to become a Power line Technician! These technicians work in trade, construction, maintenance, or operations within the electricity industry.

Chase Starling is a Power Line Technician at Fortis Alberta. Day-to-day his work is almost 100% outdoors, an aspect he enjoys. He never wanted to spend his days at a desk. This particular role requires “some grit,” which includes climbing 35-plus feet in the air and handling high-voltage conductors. But, to Starling, it’s worthwhile because it fulfills his explorative spirit, and the bonds developed with co-workers are familial. He works independently and sees lots of opportunities in his future.

Starling also expressed that “there isn’t a better feeling than customer appreciation after restoring power due to large storms.” The jobs in this industry are fulfilling because the mission of each role is bigger than the individual. It allows Canadians to flip their light switch without second-guessing whether or not it will turn on.

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Diversifying the electric industry

From reports such as the Generation Impact: Future Workforce Perspectives, EHRC has the intelligence to pinpoint the exact skills needed to keep the lights on in Canada. EHRC’s research supported the initiation of programs such as the Mentor Junction, where youth interested in the electric industry can learn through a mentor from a searchable database.

An important factor that shapes EHRC’s initiatives is diversity. Therefore, each program available provides additional support for women, LGBTQ+, and racialized people.

The future of electricity is bright. EHRC hopes to educate and encourage young people about the prosperous and impactful careers available in the industry.

This project was funded by the Government of Alberta.

Youth empowerment - Electricity Human Resources Canada - career path
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