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Nicole Almond, Enactus Canada

Nicole Almond

President, Enactus Canada

Sanaa Kahloan, Enactus Member

Sanaa Kahloan

Enactus Member & Student at Ryerson University

Enactus changes students’ outlook on the world and on their own ability to make a difference.

In today’s ever-changing world fraught with issues, youth entering the next stage in their life — post-secondary school — can benefit greatly from experiences that show them the power and ability they have to make a difference. This is exactly what Enactus provides. Enactus helps students unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and develop the talent and perspective essential to becoming the future leaders the world needs.

“We’re a national charity and our goal is to build the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders who are passionate about making the world a better place,” says Nicole Almond, President of Enactus Canada. “We provide experiential learning programs where students can take what they’re learning and go out into the community and build sustainable solutions to problems that they see.”

From projects tackling environmental sustainability to teams running financial education workshops, Enactus is all about students finding ways to help improve other people’s lives using business and entrepreneurship. “It’s also about their understanding of their ability to have an impact in the world,” notes Almond.

Building a community of entrepreneurial leaders

Enactus rallies the energy, ideas, and passion of Canada’s best and brightest students who see business as a way to address social issues. “There’s so much you can do with the power of business,” says Sanaa Kahloan, an Enactus Ryerson student. “Enactus taught me that you can use your business acumen to make positive change in the world. It changed my perspective on what I’m learning.”

Participating in a student group like Enactus allows students to expand their post-secondary experience, to set themselves apart from their peers, become career-ready, to make connections and build their networks, and to help make a difference within their communities — all while travelling, competing, and being part of a team. “Having fun is a big part of what we do,” says Kahloan. “These people have shaped my university career and have become some of my closest friends.”

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