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Childhood Passion? Try Reality — and Thank STEM!

Ashley Brauweiler
Ashley Brauweiler

Combining her love of weather with a degree in physics from Brock University helped CBC North’s on-camera meteorologist achieve her life-long dream.

Ashley Brauweiler has been fascinated with the weather since the age of five. Her love only grew stronger as she got older, becoming a prominent feature in everything from school projects to her preferred TV channel.

“I always wanted to be a broadcast meteorologist, but I also wanted to be the one to produce the forecast so I chose to get a degree in physics,” says Brauweiler. Combined with a certificate of meteorology and a job as an operational forecaster, Brauweiler “learned how to forecast some of the wildest weather Canada has to offer.” Now a meteorologist for CBC North, Brauweiler has made  her childhood dream become a reality.

Role models and mentors

Ashley credits current Department of Physics Chair Edward Sternin for being her most influential professor at Brock University. Career wise, Brauweiler drew inspiration from Johanna Wagstaffe, CBC meteorologist in Vancouver. “She was a role model to me in the early stages of my career because we both came from similar backgrounds.”

The impact of mentorship is not lost on Brauweiler. She recognizes the importance of having female role models in STEM, a field traditionally dominated by men. Hoping to be an inspiration to young women in her own right, Brauweiler strongly urges young women to “look past stereotypes and pursue their passion for learning and exploring the field.”

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