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Sonny Coelho, The Princeton Review

Sonny Coelho

Executive Director, The Princeton Review

From high school to graduate studies, The Princeton Review helps students unlock their academic potential and achieve their goals.

The shift to virtual learning has been an invaluable stopgap to enable education during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many students are struggling with the realities of online learning. Students across Canada are finding it difficult to juggle virtual classes, homework, and study time with the distractions of being at home.

“Students don’t have the same support system with virtual learning,” says Sonny Coelho, Executive Director of The Princeton Review. “They have to work harder to minimize distractions and be much more organized with scheduling their time for homework or studying.”

For nearly four decades, The Princeton Review has been helping students excel in school with tutoring, test preparation, and admissions services. The Princeton Review’s unique programs help students achieve their academic goals, whether it’s acing a test, preparing for the school year ahead, or boosting their GPA to get into a dream university. The programs are available for students in grades 6 to 12, undergraduates, graduates, and even those pursuing professional degrees.

Supporting students through challenging times

To provide additional support for students learning remotely during this time, The Princeton Review has a unique education program called The Academy. The Academy offers group classes for popular subjects like grammar, geometry, and algebra. Students get 32 hours of focused class time to ensure they master the concepts and improve their grades.

“The group classes are perfect for students that appreciate structure because they’re given a ready-made schedule they have to follow,” says Coelho. “It’s intended to provide students with that extra bit of support outside of the classroom to help them really boost their grades.”

If students want more personalized attention, The Academy offers one-on-one tutoring in more than 40 subjects including math, science, and history. LiveOnline Academic Tutoring connects students with The Princeton Review’s top-rated tutors and provides an interactive educational experience.

“The private tutoring option is ideal for those students looking for more flexibility,” explains Coelho. “It also helps students develop a strong relationship with their tutors through hours of interactive learning.”

For students tackling tough homework assignments, studying for a big test, or writing an essay, The Academy also offers on-demand tutoring. Expert tutors are available 24/7 to help with subjects ranging from calculus and chemistry, to physics and geometry.

The Princeton Review is not affiliated with Princeton University.

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