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Terry Scullion

Terry Scullion

Vice President of Quantum Technology Recruiting

Michae Rattner

Michael Rattner

Vice President of Recruitment Solutions at Quantum Technology Recruiting

Laura Brooks

Laura Brooks

Lead of Recruitment and Development at Quantum Technology Recruiting

Quantum Technology Recruiting is helping give businesses an edge in attracting and hiring top talent.

With companies pursuing digital transformations, the demand for tech talent is high. Canadian businesses seeking to staff up are facing an additional challenge —global tech giants looking to Canada for talent, which is further increasing competition.

“With the popularity of remote work, we’re seeing a lot of companies abroad targeting cities like Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal for technical talent. They now have access to a pool of talent they have never considered before,” says Laura Brooks, Lead of Recruitment and Development at Quantum Technology Recruiting (QTR).

It’s really important that companies provide opportunities for their technical talent to learn continuously and to work on new and exciting projects that drive value to the organization.

Brooks says that a rise in data-driven projects is fuelling demand for data analyst and data engineering roles, while companies transforming legacy software are looking for developers, project managers, and technical product leaders. Companies also need help with transformation projects such as moving to cloud or software as a service models, as well as implementing collaboration and virtualization tools.  Companies are also spending significant resources on security and in hardening their environments. 

Candidates want exciting learning opportunities

To compete with global and local markets, companies need to start at the beginning, according to Terry Scullion, Vice President of QTR, who cautions against long, multiple-round interview processes that may turn some candidates off. “The first impression that candidates have of an organization is often the interview. So, how organizations interview candidates and present the organization is critical in attracting top talent,” he says.

To retain talent, companies need to provide projects that challenge and motivate IT professionals, says Michael Rattner, Vice President of Recruitment Solutions at QTR. “Developers tell us that one of the biggest reasons they choose to leave their company is because the work they are doing feels stagnant ,” says Rattner. “It’s really important that companies provide opportunities for their technical talent to learn continuously and to work on new and exciting projects that drive value to the organization.”

Brooks also recommends providing perks, including bonuses, stock options, RRSP matching, flexible hours, and benefits that start the first day on the job. She says companies also need to focus on promoting these perks and their brand, which is something that QTR can help them do.

Experts entrenched in local markets

A member of the Quantum Group, QTR is dedicated exclusively to recruitment in the technology vertical. Serving the greater Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City areas, its experts are well-entrenched in their local markets and have a strong knowledge of clients’ technological environments. Quantum Group has been connecting organizations with contract and permanent talent since 1968.

QTR works with clients to build the ideal profile for each role, recruit strategically, and vet each candidate to ensure the ultimate fit, as well as assisting with the interview and onboarding processes. QTR also provides expertise to candidates, including helping them prepare for job interviews and refine their resumes, as well as providing market advice, such as company profiles and compensation benchmarking.

“We have a deep understanding of the local markets, access to a vast talent network, and a tenured and highly-skilled recruitment team. These days, most recruitment companies use the same tools, and so the difference is the people. It’s about relationship-building,” says Scullion.

“Recruiting has changed dramatically over the years in terms of how you reach your clients and candidates, but it’s still about understanding our clients’ and candidates’ needs and being able to match the right people to the right jobs,” says Scullion. “To do that, you need a network, and you can only build a network if you treat candidates and clients with integrity and honesty and provide quality work.”

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