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5 Tips to Prepare for Your First Year of Post-Secondary School


Moving to post-secondary school can be overwhelming, but with the right planning and preparation, it can be a smooth and exciting transition.

Plan ahead

You’re about to be exposed to a wide range of new people, experiences, and ways of living. Preparing for the little things will help you avoid getting overwhelmed at the beginning of your journey — allowing you to focus on the major adjustments. For those moving to live on campus, making a list of everything you need for your new home is crucial. This includes items such as bedding, cleaning supplies, and storage utensils. Day-to-day school essentials such as pens, notebooks, and a laptop are also important. Gathering these items in increments over the summer before the start of your semester will ensure a smooth transition.

Put together a monthly budget


Allocating time to draw up a realistic monthly budget will help monitor your spending. Portion money toward food and drink, school expenses, entertainment, and miscellaneous expenses every month and stick to it. This will ensure that you spread your finances over time and avoid situations of overspending, as this can be stressful for a student with limited means.

Network with people


Networking with people in your program of study or your residence will provide you with a sense of comfort when starting post-secondary school. This way, you won’t feel completely alone when on campus for the first time, and you always know that you have a few people you can connect with.

Stay open to new people and surroundings

It can be challenging and overwhelming to come to a place you’re unfamiliar with — especially if you don’t know anyone there. However, it’s important to remember that everyone is just as new as you and likely to feel the same way. By keeping an open mind and pushing yourself to interact with others and your surroundings, you’ll be able to make friends and become comfortable in your new environment.

Research is key

Take some time throughout your summer break before you transition to post-secondary school to learn about the campus and the spaces and facilities offered — research where the buildings, classes, gyms, and cafeterias are located. The background knowledge will help you navigate your way around campus, ensuring there are few instances where you feel lost.

This is the beginning of one of the most exciting chapters in your life, so don’t let the stress of change get to your head. Most of all, be sure to enjoy everything at the moment!

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