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The workforce has undergone a digital transformation. Here’s how upskilling and reskilling with Lighthouse Labs helps professionals stay on top of their game in a post-pandemic economy.

Digital careers were on the rise before the pandemic, but as brick and mortar businesses shut their doors and companies of all sizes increased their digital footprint, the movement has accelerated by leaps and bounds. Over 80% of companies are undergoing digital-first strategies and many organizations are looking to hire for digital roles. This reality has driven workers from countless industries to upskill and reskill to meet the requirements of today’s aggressively digital economy.

Data and web development are pillars of competence in the digital world

Web development and data science have emerged as two key areas for workers, whether they’re looking to transition to full-time technology careers or enhance their skills portfolio to grow in their existing careers. Today, more than ever before, workers with an analytical skill set stand out from others in their field in virtually every industry. A recent Deloitte report stressed the importance of data and technology skills for building a “future-ready workforce”—that is, one that can respond to an era of rapid, unprecedented change.

Web development—learning how to design and build web environments—directly maps onto the enhanced digital presence companies have had to cultivate during the pandemic. Meanwhile, data science—learning how to identify, manipulate, extract and communicate insights from data sets—paves the way for companies to grow. The aforementioned Deloitte report focused heavily on data: using insights from data sets to make informed decisions, from analyzing consumer behaviour to forecasting and effectively targeting recruitment, is crucial for modern companies to compete and stay relevant.

Outcome-focused learning translates to student success

Fortunately for workers, innovative education companies like Lighthouse Labs—an online technology educator founded by software professionals in 2013—have kept pace with the demands of the digital workforce. Targeted programs designed for the digital transformation, delivered in flexible formats ranging from bootcamp style to programs designed for people working full-time and part-time, have propelled Lighthouse grads to fulfilling careers in their fields—or new fields altogether. And since many Lighthouse students juggle other responsibilities with their course work, a range of offerings to suit any schedule are on offer.

“About a month after graduation, I started at Amazon as a Web Developer Engineer, where I’ve been learning continually,” says Micah Britton, a Lighthouse Web Development Bootcamp grad. Britton came to Lighthouse dissatisfied with his previous career in desktop IT support. “The work is compelling and the prospects are much more promising than in my past career, so mission accomplished. Lighthouse Labs was a transformative experience in my life – both the course experience and the career improvement that came from it were incredibly rewarding.”

Fatima Altaf, Lighthouse’s alumni ambassador, worked as a research coordinator for a non-profit before enrolling in Web Development Bootcamp. Now, she works as a developer focusing on web accessibility for the marketing firm LoyaltyOne. “Looking back, I can see my growth trajectory,” she says. “By the end, when you realize you’ve become a web developer, you see how far you’ve grown. And that’s a really great feeling.”

From a full-fledged career change to a serious resume boost, Lighthouse Labs offers a wide range of technology courses. If you’re not sure where to start, Lighthouse has created a ‘skills gap quiz’, which helps prospective students center their focus and choose the right course for their career goals and availability.

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