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Do you feel stressed about being back on campus? Or about being called back to work alongside your colleagues? Is someone in your circle struggling with anxiety taking over their life?

Most of us know how exhausting and overwhelming it is when we feel stressed or anxious. While anxiety — our body’s alarm to alert us to danger — is normal, too much of it can interfere with and disrupt our lives. When that happens, we tend to avoid situations like attending classes, meeting up with friends, or speaking in public. We may even stop participating in activities we enjoy and find ourselves seeking reassurance from others over little things. It can be hard to confide in family or friends because we’re afraid of being judged. So, we suffer in silence.

As we continue to face uncertainty because of COVID-19 this fall, you’re invited to download MindShift® CBT, the free evidence-based anxiety relief mobile application. Let it be your personal coach to help you learn strategies to ride out the physical sensations of anxiety and coping strategies so you can live life as you want.

Developed by Anxiety Canada with expertise from psychologists and people with lived experience with anxiety, MindShift® CBT teaches you how to use cognitive behavioural therapy, which is an effective and proven approach to managing anxiety. The trusted app, recommended by doctors, psychologists, and counselors, has been downloaded more than half a million times and provides anxiety management support to people around the world.

MindShift® CBT gives you several tools to tackle worry, perfectionism, social anxiety, panic, and phobias. A daily check-in feature helps you keep track of your anxiety levels and mood. The Thought Journal helps you identify patterns and “thinking traps.” The Fear Ladder can help you gradually face and overcome your fears. Coping Cards enable you to re-adjust your thinking with balanced thoughts. Short, guided meditations and relaxing audio recordings help you calm down and relax.

Available on Android and iOS, in both English and French, MindShift® CBT is simple to use, subscription-free, ad-free, and doesn’t have any in-app purchases. Anxiety management is at your fingertips to help you on your wellness journey. Once you start using MindShift® CBT, you can track your progress as you challenge yourself and learn to cope better. You can even share your entries and progress with your health care provider if you choose to do so.

Later this fall, we’ll introduce our newest feature: the MindShift® CBT Community Forum. In this chat forum, you’ll have the opportunity to share your stories, learn about others’ experiences, and, if you choose, provide peer advice to others in a safe and private environment.

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