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Campus clubs at the Goodman School of Business offer students the opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience, refine their skills, and build networking and mentoring relationships

Studying business at Brock University’s Goodman School of Business goes beyond balance sheets and bottom lines. Goodman aims to prepare tomorrow’s business leaders with the critical thinking skills, operational agility, and vision to look beyond geographical boundaries, all within a diverse and inclusive environment.

A leader in experiential learning, Goodman gives students opportunities to gain real-world, practical experience through in-course consulting projects and paid co-op work terms. The school also encourages students to participate in clubs to further enhance their knowledge, skills, and overall university experience.

Mediaplanet recently spoke with two Goodman students to learn more about the benefits of getting involved in campus clubs.

Amani Ahmad

Amani Ahmad

President, Brock Finance & Investment Group

What are the benefits of getting involved in a university club?
I think the main benefit is expanding your network. It helped me meet like-minded students from other disciplines and gave me the chance to network with alumni and people who work in the industry.

How can students benefit from being part of a club in the current virtual learning environment?
With COVID-19 it’s hard to meet people who share common interests, but with clubs you’re still able to network with students and alumni and participate in case competitions. Clubs may be operating virtually right now, but there are still plenty of opportunities available.

What advice would you give to other students about joining a club?
Get involved — there’s something for everyone. You can commit as much or as little as you want. Once you start, you likely won’t turn back because it’s incredibly rewarding.

Ashal Karunamuni

Ashal Karunamuni

President, Goodman Data Analytics Students’ Association

How does being part of a club enhance the university experience?
A lot of learning happens outside of the classroom. Through clubs, you can apply what you learned in the classroom to a real-world setting and see the difference between theory and application. Plus, you’re enhancing your knowledge and adding to your university education.

How did being part of a club develop your business skills?
It helped me learn to balance my work with school and to manage my time more effectively. It also helped me develop the skills I use today as club president, like long-term planning, leadership, and team-building.

What are the longer-term payoffs of being part of a student club?
The sense of accomplishment and pride you get from participating in student clubs will build self-confidence in your schoolwork, personal life, and the workplace. It also shows prospective employers that you’re a well-rounded individual with the passion, drive, and willingness to constantly improve yourself.

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