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Loud Luxury: From University DJ Club to World Stage

Loud Luxury and their tour bus
Loud Luxury and their tour bus

Joe Depace and Andrew Fedyk, the Canadian duo behind electronic music group Loud Luxury, talk about their university experience and how it kickstarted their music career.

Mediaplanet: What led to you starting Loud Luxury?

Andrew Fedyk (AF): What led us to starting Loud Luxury was the fact that we both had a passion for creating music and sharing it with other people.

Joe Depace (JD): Our university, at the time, had a very exciting party scene and we wanted to get involved with it. So I became the president of a club at school where DJs and music makers could meet and network. That’s how we met and from there we started making music and performing together.

Do you think the campus and school environment play an important role in the overall university experience? What was your favourite part of the Western university campus?

JD: It absolutely does. We both felt confident to take steps toward being Loud Luxury because there was so much energy and excitement going on about electronic music at school. We wanted to tap into that. I joined the Sigma Chi fraternity which definitely changed my life, learning a great deal of valuable life lessons.

AF: Our favourite part of Western’s campus was definitely their cafe and eatery, The Spoke. Whether it was early morning or the middle of the night, this place was always slammed to the brim with people hanging or studying. It was a great place to get a pulse on what was happening on campus at the time.

What inspired you to look for and join the DJ club at Western?

JD: I became the president of the Western DJ club because there was no way of networking with people that shared a passion for electronic music and DJing at the time. I really wanted to solidify that for the community at Western.

AF: When you come to university, you’re full of energy to chase whatever hobbies you have, and the DJ club felt like a very friendly, casual way to do that.

What are the benefits of getting involved in school activities and clubs?

JD: The benefit of school activities is that they’re almost a cheat code to surrounding yourself with like-minded people. When you come to a school of 30,000 people, it’s hard to know where to start. Clubs help with that.

What advice do you have for students going into their first year at university?

JD: Be open-minded. We met and connected with each other completely by accident, but if either of us hadn’t put in the time to go to meetings and try new things, it wouldn’t have happened.

What can we look forward to from Loud Luxury in 2020?

AF: We’re really excited to be releasing more music in 2020 and a lot of it.

JD: It’s what our fans deserve and to us it feels like a new chapter and story in Loud Luxury. Stay tuned!

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