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Not feeling ready for university? Whether you need to save for tuition, want to get clearer on your future, or need time to recharge your battery, a gap year can be the answer. 

According to the American Gap Association, compared to their non-gapping peers, those who took gap years, had higher grades, graduated in fewer years, and were more involved on campus. Above all, gappers report having more confidence, independence, and improved communication skills.

Contrary to popular belief, gap years are not all travel. They’re typically a combination of working, volunteering, engaging in a hobby or personal interest activity, and a travel period of between two weeks and three months.

When planned out with specific goals in mind, gap years can support all students in returning to school happier, healthier, and more prepared for their future. 

The Canadian Gap Year Association aims to help build a healthier, happier, more resilient and experienced Canadian youth population by connecting families with the resources they need to have purposeful gap years.

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