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What is Contact North | Contact Nord?
Unique to Ontario, Contact North | Contact Nord is a community-based bilingual distance education and training network. It helps underserved residents in 800 small, rural, remote, Indigenous and Francophone communities get jobs by providing access to education and training without leaving their communities.

Chantal Thibault

Chantal Thibault

Director, Operations & Development, Contact North | Contact Nord

Marie-Lise Robidoux

Marie-Lise Robidoux

Student Information Officer, Contact North | Contact Nord

Information overload – and a massive surge in learning options – can overwhelm any student trying to get on the right path. It’s why Contact North | Contact Nord’s fully bilingual Student Information Hotline is the ideal resource for prospective students who aren’t sure how to get started or current students looking to expand their options.

“Students on campus have the ability to walk into a specific room and get the direction they need,” says Marie-Lise Robidoux, Contact North | Contact Nord’s Student Information Officer.

“But someone who’s looking to learn online doesn’t get that opportunity because they aren’t physically there. A lot of times they’re overwhelmed with what they find online. They may not have the research capabilities or are unsure where they should go to ask a question. We walk them through a lot of that. We’re here to bridge the gap.”

“Prospective students and students reaching out to the Student Information Hotline may not always know what field of study or interest they want to pursue,” adds Chantal Thibault, Contact North | Contact Nord’s Director, Operations & Development, who manages the Student Information Hotline.

“We assist them by having an initial conversation to find out what their interests and academic/professional intentions are, and share the relevant program and course information and resources from our database to provide options to narrow their choice regarding a field of study. We then provide ongoing support directly or by connecting them with staff at their supporting online learning centre. We’re a first-point of contact, all-inclusive, one-stop shop for anyone who reaches out to us.”

What you need to know

  • The hotline # is 1-877-999-9149
  • The phone isn’t the only way to connect. We also do live chats and e-mail through the Contact Us page at or [email protected]. And we’re on social media, too. Check us out at CNCNHotline on Facebook
  • The Student Information Hotline is staffed by fully bilingual, trained student information officers who help prospective and current students find online courses from Ontario’s publicly funded schools: high schools, colleges, universities, Indigenous institutes, literacy, and basic skills and training providers.
  • Student Information Officers start by narrowing down the area of academic interest, asking probing questions like, “What have you always dreamed of doing?”
  • Prospective students and students are set up with a dedicated online learning recruitment officer so they can stay connected with their supporting online learning centre, of which there are 116 physical locations across the province.
  • In addition to answering common questions about fees, start dates, the registration process, and financial options, the hotline provides:
    • Extensive program and course study options with links to information via e-mail
    • Support to help students register
    • Information on funding options and community referrals
    • Contact information for the high schools, colleges, universities, Indigenous institutes, literacy, and basic skills and training providers.

Watch Marie-Lise share how the Student Information Hotline helps get learners on the right path.

Here’s what some of our recent callers to the Student Information Hotline have to say:
• “Thanks for an amazing quick response.”
• “Thank you. Most helpful you are. Have a blessed week.”
• “That is great!! Thanks so much that is very helpful.”
• “You have been very helpful. Thank you.”

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