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York’s Faculty of EUC: Igniting Changemakers for a Sustainable Tomorrow

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York’s Faculty of EUC cultivates leaders in sustainability, bridges theory and practice, and prepares graduates to address urgent global challenges.

York University’s Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (EUC) isn’t just an academic program — it’s a call to action for future changemakers poised to take on some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity today. On the road to a more just and sustainable future, the world needs thinkers who embody a collective commitment to addressing the urgent issues that threaten the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants.


In an era marked by rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and dwindling natural resources, the need for transformative action has never been more evident. The consequences of environmental degradation and social inequities manifest in various forms — from air pollution to habitat depletion, and from poverty to gender-based violence. York University’s Faculty of EUC recognizes these connected challenges and is mobilizing its community of researchers, faculty, students, alumni, and collaborators to effect positive change. 

Career-ready graduates with real-world experience

Professors and researchers at EUC renowned for their world-class expertise, engage in cutting-edge projects cross diverse fields like earth surface science, climatology, and ecological economics. Meanwhile, practical learning opportunities afford students a chance to practise their skills in the real world

“The incorporation of real-world projects, case studies, and hands-on experiences has allowed me to directly apply theoretical knowledge to tangible situations,” says Aanandita Arora, 4th year student and Dean’s Changemaker with the Waste Wiki. “This practical aspect not only enhanced my problem-solving skills but reinforced my belief in the transformative power of sustainable practices.”

A wealth of opportunities

Embarking on a journey with York University’s Faculty of EUC opens the door to diverse and impactful career paths. Undergraduate students can choose to major in Cities, Regions, Planning (BES), Environmental Arts and Justice (BES), Environmental Science (BSc), Global Geography (BA), and Sustainable Environmental Management (BES),
or to mix and match courses from these areas through minors or certificates to personalize their educational journey. And, students in each major will be able to enhance their career development with EUC’s new Co-op program launching Fall 2024. Graduates are career-ready for roles as problem-solvers, policymakers, planners, and leaders. 

Whether shaping sustainable policies, engaging in ecological conservation, or contributing to critical urban studies, students emerge ready to actively contribute to building a more sustainable and just future.  

Did You Know?

Launching in Fall 2024, EUC will offer a co-op experience in all programs!

Q&A with York EUC Students

Mediaplanet sat down with a few students attending York’s EUC faculty to learn more about their experience in the program.

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How did you first become interested in sustainable environmental management (SEM), and why did you choose York’s Faculty of EUC? 

I became interested in Sustainable Environmental Management (SEM) because of my reservations about how our economy operates in a fast-paced, growth-centric way with little regard for social and environmental externalities. When I learned about SEM and its focus on the management of natural resources from a scientific, political, economic, and technological perspective, I became interested in how to build solutions for a sustainable future. I chose York’s program because of its focus on experiential education, community engagement, and diverse professional development opportunities. Given the array of placements, workshops, work-study opportunities, and hands-on experiences, I knew York University’s SEM program would be a no-regret choice.

– Tomisona Oludairo, 4th year student in Sustainable Environmental Management (BES)
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How has the program affected your drive to pursue a career in the field?

The way the EUC programs is structured helped me find my passion and choose my future career path. After being equipped with basic knowledge about the field in the first year, we were introduced to different aspects of environmental management in the second year. Once we had a full picture of environmental management, we were able to choose to pursue our own research interest in the final year That’s how I honed in on my interest in developing and supporting sustainable social movement projects.

– Tia Nguyen, 4th year student in Sustainable Environmental Management and Dean’s Changemaker in EcoArts
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How has the program allowed you to pursue career development?

I’ve had the privilege of actively engaging with initiatives that transcend traditional academic boundaries. Initially, my internship with the Furniture Bank provided practical insights into sustainable furniture and resource management. Subsequent involvement with the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership enhanced my project management and sustainability implementation skills. A standout experience was a two-week course transcending classroom walls, taking us to diverse locations like Oil City, Sarnia, a women’s refugee centre, and Black Creek Community Farm. This immersive journey offered firsthand insights into challenges and opportunities across sectors, bridging theoretical concepts with real-world applications.

– Aanandita Arora, 4th year BES student, Dean’s Changemaker with the Waste Wiki
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What are the most important lessons and skills you’ll take from your time at York? 

Sometimes, after long days of hard work, I’d get discouraged and wonder if all my efforts were worth it. The answer would come soon after my first year came to a close, when I was hired at the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. In the interview process, I was able to draw on my knowledge from my courses and my experiences in clubs. All my hard work resulted in a four-month position at the largest conservation authority in Ontario. Ultimately, what I learned is to never stop working hard. Fantastic results are always waiting on the other side.

– Anthony Loschiavo, 2nd year student in Sustainable Environmental Management

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