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Q & A with Barbara Olas

barbara olas
barbara olas

Mediaplanet spoke with Barbara Olas, a registered nurse at Halton Healthcare, about deciding whether a career in the health care sector is right for you.

When did you know that you wanted to become a part of the health care sector?

I knew I wanted to work in health care around grade 10. I started getting excited by science, specifically medically-related science. I was extremely intrigued by any medical show I saw on TV. The human body was so fascinating to me — everything works so perfectly somehow, from creating human life to bones healing after being broken. My passion for medicine turned into a love for nursing specifically when I started working as a personal care attendant for Mario Vella in London, ON, during my last year at Western University. The relationship I built while working so closely with a patient was incredible. Being able to put a smile on someone’s face because of my compassionate care in addition to my genuine interest in medicine was an automatic “apply to nursing school” sign.

What kind of advice can you give to those striving to pursue a rewarding career in the health care sector?

Remind yourself that the individuals you’re working with are going through some of their lowest moments in life. If you can do anything — big or small — to put a smile on their face, please do so. Listen to their story, remain diligent with your care, clarify when questions come up, and treat them as you would your family.

How did you know that a career in health care was the right choice for you?

Easy — the feeling of collaborating with a team to bring an individual back to a happy and healthy state is like no other. Nothing felt more right than my choice to work in such a fulfilling career.

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