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Continuing Education Can Help You to Level Up Your Career 

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Continuing education can help learners to achieve career goals and acquire the skills and knowledge needed in today’s changing job market.  

In this fast-paced world, rapidly evolving technologies including advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are transforming the workplace. Employees need to be prepared with the skills and knowledge required in today’s labour market to get ahead and level up their careers.

No matter what stage you’re at in your professional journey, there are many flexible continuing education choices that allow you to upskill or learn new knowledge to meet your needs and help you be competitive in the workforce. The Canadian Association for University Continuing Education (CAUCE), Canada’s sole national association for continuing education, represents member units that offer a wide array of professional programming through numerous institutions. These programs and courses, known for their accessibility and short-term nature, provide the flexibility to complete your studies either in person or online, helping you to prepare for the future and to be career-ready. 

Gain the benefits of lifelong learning

There are many benefits of working toward the completion of a course, certificate, or microcredential. 

Universities’ continuing education offerings are designed to empower Canadians, newcomers, and international learners to achieve socioeconomic advancement through specialized programs. These initiatives focus on upskilling and reskilling for workforce enhancement, academic upgrading, university preparation, community engagement, and supporting undergraduate and graduate studies. 

This approach not only enriches professional and personal development but also expands social and professional networks, enhancing resumes and career satisfaction through diverse learning opportunities.

Earn credits on your schedule

Elizabeth Eberts, a lifelong learner, reflects on her career growth with the help of continuing education programs. Her career, which started in an entry-level administrative position, has evolved into bigger opportunities thanks to her learning different skills and earning credentials over time through courses that interested her. 

“The beauty of lifelong learning through continuing education is that you can morph your professional portfolio quickly and often with flexibility without completely putting your life on hold,” says Eberts.

Eberts knew that she wanted to add skills in the areas of finance. During the height of COVID and with a young baby at home, Eberts was able to earn a certificate in bookkeeping, learning remotely while on her own schedule. With the flexibility of her courses, earning a certificate was attainable during this season in her life. She’s now looking to learn more and to add to her resume, and is looking toward continuing education courses to help make this possible. 

Pivot your career

It’s never too late to pursue your goals by taking a continuing education program where you’ll acquire the knowledge and in-demand skills that employers are looking for now, helping yourself to stand out from the rest. Pursuing higher education is a big step but it’s an investment in your future self. Select from a plethora of program choices and resources to support you. You may find yourself discovering new passions.  

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