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Introducing Humber’s New Certificate in Resilience-Building Leadership 

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Sponsored by:

Frank Cappadocia

Dean of Continuous Professional Learning, Humber College

Gene Coughlin

Founder & CEO, RBLP®

Humber College’s new Certificate in Building and Leading Resilient Teams is a transformative seven-week virtual training for supervisors, managers, and senior leaders.

In today’s working world, resilience is needed more than ever. The professional landscape is continually and rapidly evolving due to technological advancements and innovation, globalization, and economic fluctuations, requiring employees and leaders to quickly adapt to new tools, processes, and market conditions. An increasingly unpredictable world adds to the challenge — many of today’s workers have had to navigate a pandemic, natural disasters, geopolitical tensions that impact businesses, and more. The demands of work-life integration has heightened awareness of mental health concerns in professional settings, while the evolving nature of careers has led to traditional paths being replaced by more dynamic and uncertain career trajectories. These trends underscore the critical importance for modern professionals to embody resilience, adaptability, and a growth mindset.

Seasoned, new, and aspiring supervisors, managers, and senior leaders alike need the essential skills to navigate uncertainty and change effectively, cultivate team resilience, and drive organizational success. Resilience is a crucial quality to develop, yet acquiring the proficiency that forms its foundation can be challenging. Humber’s new training program has broken down this key competency, making it accessible and attainable for existing and aspiring leaders across industries and professions.

A powerful leadership style

“Resilience-building leadership is a contemporary approach that emphasizes a leader’s ability to adapt, persevere, and inspire during adversity and change,” says Frank Cappadocia, Dean of Continuous Professional Learning at Humber College. “This leadership style fosters a culture of resilience within organizations, enabling teams to thrive in the face of challenges.”

As a global leader in polytechnic education, Humber College provides in-depth practical and theoretical learning, hands-on work-integrated experiences, and applied research opportunities to students at three central Toronto locations and beyond. The school recently partnered with the Resilience-Building Leader Program (RBLP®) to launch a new Building and Leading Resilient Teams Certificate of Accomplishment, which provides the knowledge and skills required to build and lead resilient teams in organizations of any size in any industry. The Building and Leading Resilient Teams Certificate comprises seven modules delivered over a seven-week virtual training period, offering a flexible and work-friendly schedule.  

Building stronger teams

Participants will gain a skill set that can be applied immediately to enhance their team’s ability to overcome adversity, problem-solve, adapt, and grow together.

“Leaders need to know how to pull a team together to respond quickly to changing circumstances and, even more importantly, convert adversity into opportunity,” says Cappadocia. “Employers in all industries increasingly look to leaders who can build and lead resilient teams to ensure their organization’s short- and long-term success in today’s highly competitive landscape. Here at Humber, we’re dedicated to teaching learners these invaluable skills.”

Completing Humber’s Building and Leading Resilient Teams Certificate satisfies the training requirements for all three RBLP® designation levels. Upon completion, learners will be prepared to sit for the certification exams for front-line supervisors, middle managers, and senior leaders.

Empowering today’s leaders 

“We chose to partner with Humber because they recognize the importance of cultivating and leading resilient teams,” says Gene Coughlin, Founder and CEO of RBLP®. “Resilient teams are the key to both individual and organizational resilience. Resilient teams are stronger together, and they make learning and change possible. We look forward to making leader training and certification benefits available to their continuing learners.”

Humber is the exclusive RBLP® Training Partner in Ontario, providing learners with select, elite knowledge and skills they can’t get anywhere else. This program will help these leaders stand out and their teams thrive. Today’s leaders can’t afford to sleep on this knowledge and skills. “Resilience-building leadership generates enhanced agility, innovation, and employee well-being,” says Cappadocia. “By prioritizing resilience, leaders can effectively navigate uncertainties and inspire their teams to achieve their full potential, even in the most challenging circumstances.” 

Learn more about Humber’s Building and Leading Resilient Teams Certificate and how it can transform your career at

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