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Q&A with Noam Raiter

We sat down with influencer and resident doctor, Noam Raiter to learn more about her continuing education journey and how she balances it all.

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What are your career goals and how can continuing education help you achieve your goals and career advancement?

One of the main reasons I love family medicine is the ability to continuously develop new skills and shape my practice over time. As I plan my residency graduation this summer, I hope to take advantage of my increased schedule flexibility to continue my education in a variety of different fields using online courses, conferences, and certifications. Some avenues that I have been exploring include getting further training in are psychotherapy and taking online courses in lifestyle medicine. Also, I have always wanted to get my yoga teacher’s certification. Although this may not directly tie into my medical education, I believe that exploring a variety of interests as an adult will help me become a more well-rounded physician in the future. I am excited to continue to learn, hone my passions, and make a well-informed decision on the direction I want to take my career.

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Do you have any tips on how to manage your studies alongside a busy schedule?

Something I have learned throughout my time in my undergraduate degree, medical school, and now in residency, is that being a lifelong learner requires sustainable habits and making the process enjoyable. I never would have gotten through 8+ years of post-secondary education with my old habits of staying up until 2:00 am ‘cramming’ or going an entire day without a single nutritious meal. Now, I prioritize taking care of myself (mentally, physically, socially) to allow me to show up as my best self for my study sessions. I also love to ‘romanticize’ studying by going to my favorite coffee shop, putting on a good playlist, or wearing an outfit that helps me feel motivated. Learning should be enjoyable in and of itself, not only a means to an end!

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How do you keep yourself challenged and continue learning?

A quote that I always come back to is: “You did not come this far to only come this far”. We live in a society that is changing so rapidly and that means there is always room for growth and innovation. To me, continuing education does not only entail studying didactic material or adding more degrees to your name. It means approaching every day and every situation with “what can I learn or gain from this moment”  to be a better version of myself tomorrow. So much learning happens outside of the textbooks. Reminding myself of this has been so important for me to maintain my love of learning and my motivation to wake up and study every morning. Learning is not something that you have to do but something that you get to do!

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What advice do you have for prospective students thinking about going back to school?

There is no such thing as being “late” to your own timeline… Someone can graduate by 21 years old only to be burnt out and resent their career by the age of 25. Meanwhile, someone else can switch their major twice and graduate at 25 but then be working the job of their dreams by the age of 26. The time will pass and you will get older either way either way. So, you may as well work towards a goal in the process. 

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