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Upskilling & Continuing Education

Staying Ahead of the Game: How George Brown College Is Preparing Students for the Future

Students continuing studies at George Brown
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Students continuing studies at George Brown
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Feeling overwhelmed with the pace of change and technological advancements in the business world? George Brown College offers innovative postgraduate and degree completion programs to give you the competitive advantage you need to thrive.

As technology continues to develop at an unprecedented rate, employers are placing increasing importance on hiring employees who possess the most up-to-date and relevant skills in their field — and with many young adults looking for a way to rise above their competition in today’s cutthroat job market, upskilling with continuing education may be the ticket to landing their dream job.


Upskilling for the future

Recognizing this trend of young professionals reassessing their futures and searching for ways to increase their earning potential, George Brown College’s Centre for Business has developed innovative new programming that builds upon an individual’s background, previous education, and interests to get them to that next level in their career.

Dr. Ian Austin, Dean of George Brown’s Centre for Business, believes it’s essential for the college’s programs to evolve with the changing times. “Our Centre for Business is never standing still,” he says. “From our international partnerships and specialized business school accreditation to our latest industry-informed, cutting-edge programs, we’re constantly changing and adapting to market shifts so that our students can meet the needs of today’s business world.”

The benefits of studying at the Centre for Business

Enrolling in a program at the Centre for Business comes with an invaluable perk: the chance to live and study in a vibrant area of downtown Toronto, right next to the Financial District. The unique downtown setting in the business and financial capital of Canada gives students the chance to learn from and network with top industry professionals from companies like IBM, Rogers, Google, and Canada’s major banks.

Not only does the school offer a prime location, it’s also internationally recognized for its excellence in business education. The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs has awarded George Brown its coveted accreditation, making it one of only two colleges in Ontario to receive the designation.

What really sets the Centre for Business apart, though, are its industry-informed programs and dynamic approach to education. “Our unique programming is really attuned to industry needs — be it specialized training in digital marketing, big data, supply chain, or trades management,” says Dr. Eileen De Courcy, Vice-President, Academic at George Brown. “These are billion-dollar industries within North America that require a unique combination of traditional business skills and hands-on training with the latest technology and practices.”

By choosing to study at the Centre for Business, students can take advantage of the school’s unparalleled resources and gain the knowledge they need to make it in today’s business world.

Innovative programs at George Brown College

George Brown College’s innovative programs at the Centre for Business are intentionally designed to help those trying to get ahead in today’s dynamic job market.

Sam Levy, Chair of the School of Accounting and Finance at George Brown, notes that the Centre for Business takes a tailored approach to helping students aim high and reach their potential. “Our postgraduate certificate programs ensure that regardless of your background or experience, you’ll be fully career-ready in just two semesters,” he says. “All of our content is synced directly with ‘need-to-know’ knowledge in industry, including accreditation and alignment with standards set by leading professional associations.”

For students wanting to gain an edge in the financial sector, the college’s postgraduate Financial Planning program provides an integrated approach to managing financial affairs. With a focus on developing the skills and knowledge required to become a financial or investment advisor, this program is perfect for those with an existing business diploma or degree — or relevant work experience — who want to upskill with the goal of transitioning into the financial services field.

Business analytics skills are also increasing in demand across all industries. George Brown’s Analytics for Business Decision-Making program teaches students how to turn information into actionable insights, enabling them to tell stories with data that help decision-makers. And with flexible late afternoon, evening, and weekend coursework, this hybrid program is ideal for those looking to upskill and become a business or web analyst.

Upgrading to a bachelor’s degree may seem like a significant and time-consuming undertaking, but for some students, there’s a quicker path to completion. Students who have completed an Ontario College Diploma in digital marketing can advance to year three of George Brown’s Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Digital Marketing) degree program. As businesses continue to shift their focus toward digital channels, the demand is high for skilled professionals in digital marketing — and George Brown’s robust program can give graduates the tools they need to excel.

Turn your career dreams into reality

Having the most up-to-date business expertise is more important than ever in today’s crowded job market. Arming yourself with new skills not only helps you stay relevant and competitive in your field, it can also open up new career options and increase your earning power.

Today’s top employers are looking for savvy candidates who have invested in themselves and can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to their organizations. Upskilling and professional development have never been more important as they are right now, and with its innovative postgraduate programs, George Brown College is leading the charge. 

Program Highlights

Degree Programs with Pathways
  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Services) (B302)
  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Digital Marketing) (B312)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Trades Management) (Honours) (Pathway Building Renovation Technology) (B304)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Trades Management) (Honours) (Pathway Business Trades) (B305)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Trades Management) (Honours) (Pathway Electrician) (B307)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Trades Management) (Honours) (Pathway Motive Power Technician) (B306)
New Postgraduate Programs
  • Financial Services — Investment Analysis (Postgraduate) (B417)
  • Supply Chain Management (Postgraduate) (B429)
Online-Only Postgraduate Programs
  • Analytics for Business Decision Making (Online) (Postgraduate) (B422)
  • Digital Media Marketing (Online) (Postgraduate) (B433)
  • Human Resources Management (Online) (Postgraduate) (B428)
  • Project Management (Online) (Postgraduate) (B425)
  • Sport and Event Marketing (Online) (Postgraduate) (B420)

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Dr. Ian Austin, Dean, Centre for Business, George Brown College

Dr. Ian Austin

Dean, Centre for Business, George Brown

Dr. Eileen De Courcy

Vice-President, Academic, George Brown

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