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Ontario School Counsellors’ Association’s wish for our students is a fulfilling future — whether their pathway is the workplace, college, apprenticeship, community living, or university. 

For students choosing the university pathway, our hope is that a great deal of personal reflection and research has taken place before they submit their application. Planning for university should start in grade 9. The courses chosen early will set the path for possibilities in grades 10 through 12. Whatever the choice of program, students must devote time for academic study, but, more importantly, they must practise independent learning, know when to ask for help, hone study skills, manage their time, and, above all, be able to bounce back when difficulties are encountered.

To maximize the chances of getting into a top-choice program, students are encouraged to find meaningful volunteer experiences, join teams and clubs, and commit to leadership activities at school. As most universities ask applicants to submit a personal essay, students have an opportunity to share their accomplishments both academically and personally. 

Choosing the right program creates a future filled with possibility. It’s our hope that students, take the time to find a program that connects their passions and abilities, and instills a love of life-long learning. The time spent researching is ultimately an investment in themselves.

Secondary school guidance counsellors are here to help! Students should talk to their school counsellor to continue building their individual pathway plans. 

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