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Capgemini Canada — Letting Employees Create the Future They Want

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office workers around a table
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Colm Sparks-Austin

Colm Sparks-Austin

President & Managing Director, Capgemini Canada

The ability to be entrepreneurial, creative, and continuously learn and grow are some of the reasons digital workers are choosing Capgemini.

It’s an exciting time to be in the tech space. “Canada is at an inflection point where we need to double down on our key industries and the skills to leverage the technologies that are being brought to market,” says Colm Sparks-Austin, President and Managing Director of Capgemini Canada, a global provider of consulting, technology services, and digital transformation. 

But it’s also a challenging time, given how fast technology is evolving. As a company that works at the heart of today’s major digital transformation through cloud services, data, AI, and platforms, Capgemini has responded by recently broadening its roster of services. One is its recent acquisition of Altran (now Capgemini Engineering), which complements the company’s digital transformation services with engineering capabilities, thereby adding a new layer of real-world applicability.  

Potential to work in unique industries solving real-world problems

For technically skilled people looking for the chance to be entrepreneurial, creative, and engaged in constant learning, Capgemini offers the potential to work in some of the most unique industries, tackling some of their biggest issues using the most advanced and innovative technologies. 

A key differentiator of Capgemini is its ability to deliver end-to-end capabilities in four areas: Strategy and Transformation, Applications and Technology, Engineering, and Operations. This requires careers centred on the convergence of technology and operations, underpinned by data and engineering — known as digital value chain careers. “In other words, it’s working at the convergence of the digital and the physical, which opens the door to more opportunities for employees to grow their careers with us and get experience and exposure to different areas of the business,” says Sparks-Austin. “Whether it’s helping clients move further on their net-zero sustainability journey, modernize their data, improve customer experience, or get their supply chain under control, these are all highly relevant areas to the world we’re living in today and that means plenty of different areas for employees to explore and get involved in,” he says.

In a world with a lot of uncertainty, complexity, and unpredictability, being able to deliver positive outcomes to clients can be very rewarding for our employees.

Capgemini’s end-to-end capabilities also allow its employees to provide real value to clients, which can be personally satisfying. “In a world with a lot of uncertainty, complexity, and unpredictability, being able to deliver positive outcomes to clients can be very rewarding for our employees,” says Sparks-Austin. 

Through Capgemini’s industry-led portfolio, employees also have an opportunity to acquire functional industry depth in one or more areas. “To solve some of the largest issues facing key industries in the market — be it energy transition in the West, open banking in Toronto, smart grid or 5G — Capgemini has moved beyond just developing technology,” says Sparks-Austin. “To deliver true value, we help clients with a plan, supported by insights and deep industry knowledge, which means employees are supporting clients through long-term strategic partnerships because technology is an evolution that never really ends,” says Sparks-Austin. This gives Capgemini’s employees the chance to build long-term relationships with the clients they’re working with and learn to become industry experts, which positions them for career growth.  

Chance to make the world a better place

coworkers of different genders and races

Finally, for people who want to make a positive impact in the world through purpose-driven work, Capgemini has a strong sustainability focus — both in the work it does for clients and internally. “While helping our clients unlock the potential of technology to reduce carbon emissions across their products, services, and IT, we’re also striving to meet our own net-zero ambitions,” says Sparks-Austin. Employees with a passion and interest in sustainability have ample opportunities for growth, activities, and continuous education. Employees can take advantage of Capgemini’s sustainability campus, for example, to become certified, upskilled, or upgrade their knowledge on sustainability and how Capgemini is moving toward a sustainable future.

Aligned with Capgemini’s sustainability mandate is its internal culture of inclusion, giving back to the communities and industries in which it operates, and promoting a diverse work environment. In fact, Capgemini has achieved global recognition for its sustainability and inclusion practices. In addition to earning a place on Seramount’s Global Inclusion Index, Capgemini was named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere for nine consecutive years. In addition, the company currently contributes to 11 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

A company that invests in employees’ future

Whether employees are looking to gain experience in different business areas, become functional experts, or contribute to making the world a better place — or a combination of these — Capgemini’s collaborative culture, workplace flexibility, and ample learning and development opportunities ensure they have all the means at their disposal to create the future they want. 

With offices in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver, Capgemini Canada is growing its teams across the country.

Capgemini is looking for more leaders, innovators, and trailblazers from coast to coast. If you’re looking to nurture your entrepreneurial mindset, turn challenges into opportunities, and create your own career path, check out Capgemini. Please visit to learn more.

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