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Planning on taking a gap year after high school, but don’t know how to best spend it? Consider spending a semester abroad with Blyth Academy’s Global High School (GHS).

GHS provides an excellent opportunity for high school graduates to spend time travelling the world before attending college or university. You can earn additional credits that can help improve your chances at university acceptance, or study courses you weren’t able to take while you were still in high school! 

Plus, taking a gap year to travel can be tremendously beneficial to your personal growth, teaching time management and personal accountability — both skills that are key to a successful post-secondary experience.

Global High School semesters are divided into two terms. In August 2020, term one will begin. Term two will commence during late October and conclude in time for students to return home for the holiday break. Each term gives our students a wide range of cultural and geographic experiences.

In just one semester, you’ll see, taste, smell, and experience places and things that most people won’t see in their lifetime. And you’ll do it all before university!

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