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World Vision is empowering Canadian youth advocates to promote global development and improve the lives of children around the world.

Internationally recognized as a global relief, advocacy, and development organization, World Vision Canada is well versed in the repercussions that poverty and injustice have on children. Driven by passion and love, the Christian organization works to improve community resources in over 50 countries. 

They’re on the front lines of international disasters and health crises like tsunamis, famines, and more recently, COVID-19. With teams stationed across the world, World Vision Canada prioritizes water sanitation, education, gender equity, child protection, and health while promoting climate sustainability and economic empowerment. It also functions as a critical liaison between governments, the United Nations, and civil servants. 

world vision members
World Vision Canada Youth Council hosting a Fairtrade Fashion Show in Ottawa to advocate for ethical consumption and Supply Chain Legislation.

In each country, World Vision Canada works with local partners to ensure these communities have the proper infrastructure to continue thriving. Plus, there are many ways to partner with the organization: donating, sponsoring a child directly, or volunteering on Canadian soil.

Youth empowerment - World Vision Canada - take action for world vision

Canada’s youth ambassadors

Richen Basig rs

Richen Basig

President, World Vision Club, U of Alberta

Negin Amini headshot

Negin Amini

National Youth Council Editor

In fact, there are many Canadian youth advocates already working with World Vision Canada. “My world vision is to help children be children, no matter where they live. Every child deserves the chance to learn, grow, and play in safety,” says Richen Basig, President of the World Vision Club at the University of Alberta. Basig is working toward her goal by contributing to World Vision Canada’s No Child For Sale campaign and lobbying the Canadian government to stand up to child labour. 

Working with World Vision Canada helped me redefine my passion and hone my skills. For effective action, you need both.

Negin Amini, National Youth Council Editor

A National Youth Council Editor, Negin Amini’s world vision is international peace. “I’m putting in the work now for future generations — so everyone may have access to education and gender equity,” says Amini. Being a youth advocate takes diligence, hard work, and passion. “Working with World Vision Canada helped me redefine my passion and hone my skills. For effective action, you need both.” 

Pass the Phone to Help Stop Child Labour

Change starts with you

World Vision Canada has various programs in place to help Canadian youth realize their world visions. There’s an ever-growing number of high school and university World Vision Clubs where youth ambassadors can connect. Together, they raise awareness amongst their peers, collect donations, establish partnerships with local ethical businesses, and much more. 

Along with many other volunteer opportunities, there’s also the World Vision Canada National Youth Council for changemakers aged 17 to 24, where participants gain hands-on leadership experience and advocate to high-level policy makers. 

Canada’s Moment to End Child Labour

No matter where one is at in their advocacy journey, World Vision Canada has the resources to support and nurture passionate young activists.

Top 10 Tips from Canada’s Youth Ambassadors to Make Your World Vision a Reality

1. Find your passion — let it guide you!
2. Get involved — by volunteering, sponsoring, and more.
3. Educate yourself — great advocates are well-researched.
4. Spark conversations — word of mouth is effective!
5. Be open to new ideas — always be ready to grow.
6. Say “YES!” to challenges — advocacy takes strength!
7. Promote equality and diversity — everyone needs to be heard.
8. Be diplomatic — empathy creates great partnerships.
9. Ask for help — there’s a groundswell of support.
10. Never, ever give up — you can do it!

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Youth empowerment - World Vision Canada - take action for world vision
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