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Five Tips to Stay Focused in the Attention Economy

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As online content is becoming shorter and more consumable, our ability to focus has turned into an economy — an attention economy. Read on to learn about productivity tips to help set distractions aside and improve your attention span.

When was the last time you focused on reading a book seamlessly without being distracted by digital platforms like TikTok or Facebook? The digital world made us become dependent on digital screens.

Here’s how you can eliminate distractions and stay focused in the attention economy.

Establish disciplines

Create conventions for yourself to be more focused. For example, limiting the time to complete a task can help people who cannot concentrate for a long time. There are also apps to help you focus and block distractions.

Eliminate distractions

One of the easiest things to do is limit the notifications on your phone and delete the apps you don’t need. Secondly, creating a tight schedule also helps limit unnecessary scrolling. Finally, actively creating an environment with few distractions can help you put your attention to important things and stay focus.

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Create efficient work habits and routines

Instead of continually shifting between projects, try to dedicate complete concentration to one task for a certain amount of time before moving on to the next.

Have a more active lifestyle

Exercising improves the body and the brain because it emits neurotransmitters that help with concentration and memory. Getting enough sleep also boosts performance and concentration.

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Practice meditation

Meditation is how we train our ability to pay attention. This is also how your brain gets exercise.

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Although technology is usually considered the primary reason that affects people’s attention span, other causes can include the type of work and the way we work. As a result, identifying the underlying cause helps us find the right solution for each situation.

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