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Mindfulness Practice for Busybodies

Women Practice Mindfulness Meditation
Women Practice Mindfulness Meditation
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Meditation and mindfulness help you reduce stress, filter your thoughts, and stabilize your emotions amid a chaotic life. Here’s how you can practice mindfulness in your daily routine.

The difference between mindfulness and meditation? 

Meditation is an exercise for the mind. With meditation, we practice and cultivate mindfulness – a state that runs through our daily lives. As a beginner, you can get into meditation by simply finding a quiet corner of your home, choosing a comfortable position, and focusing on your breathing and body sensations. 

Mindfulness practices for busy people

1. Enjoy life to the fullest, including the simple things

Enjoying the present moment can be a practice of mindfulness. In fact, it is very simple and you’re probably already doing it in your daily routines. Whether it is with people or alone, take some time in your busy schedule to go for walks, eat and enjoy good food, or listen to music.

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2. Allow yourself to be bored

Letting yourself get bored may help uncover the next great idea. A study has shown that boredom enhances individual productivity and creativity. In reality, choosing a task that needs little to no focus, such as swimming laps, walking a familiar path, or even just sitting with your eyes closed, and allow your mind to wander.

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3. Actively pay attention to your thoughts

Repressing thoughts doesn’t make them go away. Instead of avoiding and suppressing negative thoughts, observing and understanding their causes can help you find peace.

4. Focus on the task at hand

Not only does multitasking reduce work efficiency but also the quality of each task. Instead, take a separate time to analyze the problems and find a specific solution. Consequently, you can optimize every task and improve work performance.

After all, mindfulness lies in the most simple things, as long as you’re embracing the present moment. Therefore, with a busy life of work and school, practicing mindfulness but can help bring unexpectedly good results to your mood.

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