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Remember back in the day when a fender bender required only basic repairs? Now a simple rear-ender might break your backup cam, which is connected to your head unit display, while also doing a number on your automated steering assist. That means diagnostics and repairs aren’t just mechanical, but digital. And today’s tradespeople need a whole new set of skills to thrive.

It sounds like a challenge, but it’s actually a huge opportunity. As baby boomers retire, an unprecedented number of jobs are opening up. According to Statistics Canada and the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, over 167,000 new apprentices will be needed in the next five years. Increased technological know-how also means that today’s tradespeople have more options when it comes to changing careers and moving into new industries.

With the right capabilities, any career in the skilled trades can be yours for the taking. Here are 10 of the top in-demand trade occupations, according to the BC Industry Training Authority (ITA) — and the BCIT programs designed to prepare you for them.

If you’re unsure about the area of trades that you’d like to pursue, start with the BCIT Trades Discovery General program. It’s a great way to gain hands-on experience while exploring up to 20 trades programs.

BCIT has a long history of supporting women in the trades. Together with the tradeswomen of BC, the industry continues to work toward inclusion and equal opportunities in the workplace for all genders. The 16-week BCIT Trades Discovery for Women program is one great example of the many resources available for women to jumpstart a career in the trades. 

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