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If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us all, it’s that change is always around the corner.

Changing economy. Changing priorities. Changing times.

Tomorrow’s business leaders will be the entrepreneurially-minded people who see the opportunity in today’s challenges. They’ll need the business skills that help them lead teams to successfully navigate uncertain times. They’ll need the foundation of business knowledge based on evidence-based research. And they’ll need the network of contacts to turn big ideas into tomorrow’s solutions.

In short, they’ll need the education, skillset, and community connections that come with a Haskayne School of Business education.

With a strong demand for Haskayne’s undergraduate program and expanding graduate program offerings — the Master of Management, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Executive MBA, and Doctor of Business Administration — more and more students are looking to Haskayne.

Graduate program enrollment is up 30 percent over the past five years, driving an expansion plan supported by Calgary’s most influential business leaders.

View inside The Haskayne School of Business artrium looking south
Mathison Hall Artist Rendering

In 2018, the school celebrated with Ronald P. Mathison, who made a transformational gift to Energize: the Campaign for Eyes High. Mathison Hall, named in his honour, is now well under construction on the University of Calgary campus.

From that initial generous gift, other Calgary business icons got on board, too, including Rob and Ruth Peters, Michael and Renae Tims, and Mac and Susan Van Wielingen, through their Viewpoint Foundation. These early champions provided the seed funding that’s making the Haskayne Capital Expansion Project possible, and paving the way for future donors.

Mathison Hall will be a four-storey, 10,000 square metre building connected to Scurfield Hall, Haskayne’s current home. In all, 12 new classrooms will be added to the business school, including a new finance lab and a 100-person theatre. That’s in addition to the new group workrooms, study spaces, and gathering places within a sustainable, LEED Platinum, and architecturally-stunning building.

In planning the project, Haskayne emphasized the need for technologically-enhanced classrooms and workspaces, study spaces for all types of
learning, and places to meet, socialize, and eat.

View inside The Haskayne School of Business finance trading classroom
Mathison Hall Artist Rendering

We don’t know how Calgary will transition, but we know that it will.

We don’t know what the new normal will look like, but we know that world-class management education will be critical in adapting to a new future.

We don’t know what university education will look like in 20 years, but we know how we were able to adapt in 2020, and we’ll take the best of online learning and engagement into the future.

More than ever, we face an uncertain future. But what we do know is where tomorrow’s business leaders will come from.

The Haskayne School of Business is growing. Join us.

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