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Your Post-Secondary Decision

Your Post-Secondary Decision header
Your Post-Secondary Decision header

From virtual campus tours to online classes, deciding what you want your post-secondary path to look like is more challenging than ever. Your Post-Secondary Decision is your guidebook, simplifying the process and helping you explore the possibilities.

Readjusting Our Definition of Gap Years

Pre-pandemic, taking time out from formal education was often seen as a luxury. Right now, it might just be the way to get ahead in the world.

Lauren Riihimaki’s Tips for Post-Secondary Life

Host of the HBO Max series Craftopia, Lauren Riihimaki — AKA LaurDIY — on her university experience and advice to students facing this exciting transition.

A Powerful Opportunity for Students Looking to Change the World

Enactus helps students unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and develop the talent and perspective essential to becoming the future leaders the world needs.

Engineering Solutions to Real-World Problems at uOttawa

Experiential learning fosters better educational and career outcomes. Learn how uOttawa gears its engineering programs towards hands-on learning.

Students, Don’t Struggle Alone — How to Seek the Support You Need

ConnexOntario connects students with mental health support, plus tools to help them adjust to the shift to online learning

How to Boost Your Grades and Land Your Dream School

From high school to graduate studies, The Princeton Review helps students unlock their academic potential and achieve their goals.

4 Tips for Planning Your Path for a Happy Future

From the right program to your ideal class size, finding your path for post-secondary can be complicated. Visit your school’s teacher-counsellor for guidance.

Exciting Opportunities for Students Passionate About STEM

Let’s Talk Science opens students’ eyes to the breadth of STEM careers available and offers enriching opportunities for post-secondary students.

Preparing Students for Exciting New Careers

With more than 20 online programs and more to come, CDI College is helping students become career-ready for the post-COVID economy.

Following Your Passion is the Key to Success

We spoke to HGTV star and designer Sarah Keenleyside about how pursuing a career in something you’re passionate about leads to the ultimate success.

Animation and Gaming Careers Booming in Entertainment Industry

If you’re looking for an exciting career in the digital entertainment industry, now is the time to go after your dream, and Max the Mutt can get you there.

Get the Most Out of University with Campus Clubs

Campus clubs at the Goodman School of Business help students gain leadership experience, refine their skills, and build networking relationships.

The Benefits of the Switch to Distance Education

When the University of Regina switched to remote labs for its science programs, no one predicted the result: a better educational experience.

Undergrads Can Gain an Edge in STEM

With Actua’s for-youth-by-youth model, undergraduate students gain employability skills and extra income by delivering STEM programs.

Learn and Live Your Adventure North of 60

Aurora College gives students the opportunity to explore innovative environmental programs while exploring the unique environment that is Canada’s north.

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